Seafood from Norway

The Norwegian fishing and aquaculture industry supplies healthy seafood, produced in a clean ocean environment, to consumers in more than 150 countries worldwide. 

The seafood industry is one of Norway’s foremost export industries and is vital for settlements and activities along the Norwegian coast. It provides employment in fishing and aquaculture and has widespread effects on trade and industry as well as on research and development.

Norway controls some of the world’s most productive marine environments, with excellent conditions for conducting environmentally friendly aquaculture. Norway places great emphasis on gaining knowledge of fish resources, the ocean environment and how the interplay between species functions. Simultaneously, there is comprehensive regulation of fishing resources to ensure a sustainable management. Consumers must have confidence in Norwegian seafood. Food safety throughout the entire production chain is a primary focus, and the levels of foreign substances are documented. The consumer must be able to know with certainty that Norwegian seafood is safe and healthy.

Source: Salmon from Norway