Pre rigor fillets

Right after harvesting and gutting, the fish is transported into the filleting facility and being processed. It usually takes just under 2 hours from the time the fish is swimming in the water to the moment when the salmon fillet is packed and ready for dispatch.

Originally, the process of filleting had to take place at least three days after harvesting, due to rigor mortis. Villa and Wilsgård have been cooperating on improving the logistics and harvesting techniques to ensure that adequate time is available to fillet the salmon before this biological rigor-mortis process begins. Fillets produced in this way are defined as ‘Pre rigor fillets’. 

There are several benefits with pre rigor fillets:

  • The freshest possible fillet on the market
  • Improved food safety and yield
  • Less handling
  • Firmer texture and no gaping
  • Environmental friendly (less packaging and water used)