Haddock (Melanogrammus Aeglefinus)

Haddock is a bottom fish found at depths of 40 to 300 metres. Haddock fishing takes place all around the year. Haddock is a major species for human consumption and a very good source of protein and vitamins.

Norwegian haddock has been evaluated against different schemes as Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and KRAV.


Villa Seafood can offer a variety of haddock products.Most common are: 

Frozen at sea

– N-cut, collarbone on 
-Jap.cut. Collarbone off
Sizes: – 800 g, 800 g +, LL might also grade 0,8-1,5 kg, 1,5 kg +
Packing: Frozen in vertical blocks, and packed in superbags (standard bags for export) Random weight blocks: 1/2 blocks approx. 20-25 kgs. Sometimes also packed in 1/1 blocks approx. 45-50 kgs.
Catching method: Longline, trawl, seine net, gillnet