Saithe (Pollachius Virens)

Saithe lives both as pelagic and bottom fish living at depths of between 0 and 300 metres. It swims in shoals, which can be huge where there is enough of food and nutrient. Saithe is one of the main Norwegian commercial species and fishing mainly occurs inn coastal waters. Saithe is also good source of protein and vitamins. Catching season is all around the year. Norwegian saithe has been evaluated against different schemes as Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Villa Seafood can offer a variety of saithe products. Most common are:


Frozen at sea

–  N-cut, collarbone on 
– Jap. Cut, collarbone off
Sizes: – 0,9 kg, 0,9-1,2 kg, – 1,2 kg, 1-2,3 kg, 2,3-4 kg, 2,3 kg, + 4 kg+
Packing: Frozen in vertical blocks, and packed in superbags (standard). Random weight blocks: 1/2 blocks approx. 20-25 kg for smaller sizes , 1/1 blocks approx. 45-50 kg for  the bigger sizes of saithe.
Catching method: Longline , trawl, seine net, gillnet